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HEALTHCARE - Homoeopathy


  • Dosage Management
  • Duration Management
  • Drugs Management
  • Physical Generals Management
  • Potency Management
  • Systemic Examination Management
  • Frequency Management
  • Bed Management

OUT PATIENT Management System

  • Case Record Analysis
  • Lab Advice Management
  • Lab Record Management with 1000+ Investigations
  • Prescription Management with 1000+ Medicines
  • Admission Slip Management
  • Statistics - New & Old Patient by Daily, Monthly, Yearly

IN PATIENT Management System

  • Case Record Analysis
  • Lab Record Management
  • Lab Advice Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Admission Slip Management
  • Statistics - New & Old Patient by Daily, Monthly, Yearly


  • Fitness Certificate
  • Sickness Certificate
  • Custom Clearance Certificate (Patients travelling abroad)
  • Referral Letter
  • Insurance Claim Certificate

FRONT DESK Management System

  • Patient Registration process
  • Assign Doctor
  • In Patient-Ward/Bed Management
  • Complete Appointment Management


  • User Record Management
  • User Role Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Appointment Management


BOOKKort - Indoor Court Booking System

  • Quickly set up your own facilities available to book (such as courts, pitches or equipment)
  • Automatically set up the time slots (and duration) available to book
  • Set up recurring block bookings
  • Set up pre-payment via paypal - straight into your account
  • View available slots for weeks in advance across all bookable facilities
  • Book, edit or cancel slots securely and instantly online
  • Receive email notifications when they are part of a booking – even if made by someone else


GASSOOFT - Gas Agency Management Software

  • Manage the multiple customer/party holding the stock
  • GASSOOFT automate the cylinder tracking so no need to maintain the stock book/ledger to maintain cylinder assigned to party.
  • GASSOOFT is portable and secure so data can not be tempered.
  • Reports can be exported to excel so retail historical data is easy
  • There is no training is required to automate your business as our software is simple to understand
  • Password secured gas agencies cylinder stock maintenance software
  • GASSOOFT can be used for maintaining the all type of gas and cylinders
  • Customization can be done according to the requirements

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