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ChatBots nothing but Neural Networks.Neural Networks are a way of calculating the output from the input using weighted connections which are calculated from repeated iterations. It weighs in resulting the output with accuracy.

Each inpt messages is broken down into different words and each word then is used as input for the neural networks. The weighted connections are then calculated by different iterations through the training data thousands of times. Each time improving the weights to making it accurate. The trained data of neural network is a comparable algorithm more and less code. When the training sentences have 100 different words and 50 classes, then that would be a matrix of 100×50.

Like software Applications, the Chatbot is connected to the Database. The database of information is used to feed the chatbot with the information needed to give a suitable response to the user. Data of user’s activities and whether or not your chatbot was able to match their questions, is captured in the data store.

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